As a director of photography I always seek to carefully choose the appropriate tools for my work as a visual storyteller. Beautiful and effective cinematography relies on the use of cameras and lighting that reflect the desired look and feel of the film. For that reason, I am well-aquainted with a wide variety of 4K and HD camera systems that serve a diverse collection of genres, styles and working environments. 

Special skills include underwater work, motion control timelapse, wildlife set work, slider/jib operation, Steadicam operation and remote camera setup. I have also rigged cameras to cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and other vehicles. For wildlife work, I am also experienced at building camera blinds to disguise my presence while filming. 


My Gear

I own the following gear, which is also available for rent, including many unlisted accessories: 

  • Sony FS700 with 4K upgrade
  • Odyssey 7Q external monitor/4K recorder
  • Sachtler 20 CF tripod
  • Canon 5d Mark III, 5d Mark II, 7d, lens kit
  • Canon stills lenses
  • Blackmagic Pocket Camera
  • (2) GF1 timelapse cameras with lens kit
  • Remote DSLR accessories
  • GoPro 4 4K kit (including HD infrared) 
  • Seven-jib
  • Kessler 2' motion control slider
  • Custom 12' motion controlled dolly
  • FS700/Odyssey 7Q and 7d underwater housings/lights

Additional Gear expertise

In addition to my personal camera equipment, I often use rental cameras and gear, which includes some of the following 4K and HD equipment:

  • RED Epic/Scarlet Dragon or MX
  • Arri Amira
  • Sony F55/F5
  • Sony FS7
  • Sony A7s with Atomos Shogun 4K recorder
  • Canon C300
  • DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer and Movi M5 and M10
  • Steadicam Scout and Pilot